Travel Ideas · March 28, 2021

The 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions Country Around The World

According to the tourist interest, visited places and other factors UNWTO has listed out the most popular tourist attractions countries around the world. In the list, both European and Asian countries are present. Nowadays, people like to tour different countries every year. And the percentage is increasing day by day.

Because it is easy now than before. Many tourist agencies are formed and help to get the best tourist place for vacation. However, anyone would like to visit any of the countries from the top five; this information would be vital for them.

5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions Countries

Not only the natural beauty of a country attracts the tourist of the world. It is the people of a country, culture, and customs; other amenities bring more and more tourists. Here we will discuss the five best countries around the world. Where you have many things to do and many things to enjoy. So, let’s get started:


This is no wonder that France is on the top list. The capital of France and the most beautiful and desirable city is Parish. Where the Eiffel Tower is located. This is the main attraction of the people why every year, millions of people gather in Parish.

However, the Alsace region where the fairy tale hamlet and castle are residing. Out of the noisy city, the hospitality of the villages will be enjoyable. Another beautiful attraction is Loire Valley where the Europen garden is located. These will dazzle your eye with beauty. And don’t forget to shop from the world-famous brands in France like L’Oreal, Chanel, Cartier, etc.

United States

Millions of people around the world are migrating to the US every year. This is the country where the ratio of migrated people and tourists is almost the same. Because they like to welcome different races and nationalities to their country.


However, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington D C. are vibrant cities and mostly visited by foreigners. These are the busiest city merchants, business dealers also come to these cities. American natural park, Statue of Liberty, theme park, bar, and restaurant, etc. are a great attraction.

Another exciting place to visit is the Hollywood Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Los Angeles. Where you will find your favorite actor and actress are standing just in front of you. These are wax-made artificial but look like the original human being.


China is mostly known for its great wall of China that made to protect China from the outside province by the emperor. China is becoming famous for its great history, ancient places, cuisine, and distinct culture. Beijing is one of the iconic city visitors, and merchants gather for business purposes and tourism.

The authentic opera show shows the different Chinese cultures that held in Beijing city. Besides, Mount Huangshan, Li River also provides a panoramic view of China.


Turkey is prestigious for its age-old culture, distinctive tradition, and magnificent landscape. Turkey is a historical place also for Ottoman architecture and Roman ruins. It bears witness to many historical events that affluents its tradition and culture.

However, don’t miss the chance to see the cotton castle and travertine terrace at Pamukkale. And also, hot air balloons at Cappadocia to view the landscape of beautiful Turkey only one hour flight.


Thailand has become able to pick up tourists from the entire world from several of South Asia’s beaches. Not only for beaches also for the atmosphere of Thailand, food and cuisine, cheap hotels and restaurants. The tradition of Thailand people is attractive as well. The floating market in Bangkok sells souvenirs and made local goods.

Safari Park, National Zoo, Koh Tao for scuba diving, Island Safari in Koh Samui are the main tourist attraction of Thailand. If you get enough time, you must visit the Hmong Tribe’s rural village to say hello to long-necked rural ladies.

In a Nutshell

Here are the list of only the five most popular tourist attractions countries to the entire World. Some other countries also able to grab most tourists such as the United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Germany, etc. But these are expensive countries to visit as well.

However, there must be some other countries according to the choice you have visited. So, let us know your most favorite country in the comment box below.